Soal Latihan TOEFL + Kunci (from Longman)

Soal Latihan Bagian Structure and Written Expression

1. The North P ole_____ a latitude of 90 degrees north. 

(A) has (B) is having (C) which is having (D) it has 

2. _____ greyhound, can achieve speeds up to thirty-six miles per hour. 

(A) The (B) The fastest (C) The fastest dog (D) The fastest dog, the 

3. The Mayflower was bound for Virginia, but a hurricane_____ off course. 

(A) blew it (B) to blow it (C) it blew (D) blowing it 

4. The greenhouse effect occurs--------heat radiating from the Sun. 

(A) when does the Earth’s atmosphere trap (B) does the Earths atmosphere trap (C) when the Earth’s atmosphere traps (D) the Earth's atmosphere traps 

5. The Rose Bowl,______ place on New Year’s Day, is the oldest postseason collegiate football game in the United States. 

(A) takes (B) which takes (C) it takes (D) took 

6. Experiments_______represent a giant step into the medicine of the future. 

(A) using gene therapy (B) use gene therapy (C) they use (D) gene therapy uses

7. _____ off the Hawaiian coastline are living, others are dead. 

(A) Coral reefs (B) Some types of coral reefs (C) There are many types of coral reefs (D) While some types of coral reefs 

8. People who reverse the letters of words to read suffer from dyslexia. 

(A) if they tried (B) when trying (C) when tried (D) if he tries 

9. Featured at the Henry Ford M useum-------- of antique cars dating from 1865. 

(A) an exhibit is (B) an exhibit (C) is an exhibit (D) which is an exhibit 

10. Rubber_____from vulcanized silicones with a high molecular weight is difficult to distinguish from natural rubber. 

(A) is produced (B) producing (C) that produces (D) produced 

11. _____ in scope, romanticism was a reaction against neoclassical principles. 

(A) Mainly literary (B) It was mainly literary (C) The main literature was (D) The literature was mainly 

12. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) _____ came about as a result of the National Security Act of 1947. 

(A) what (B) it was (C) was what (D) it was what 

13. Oil shale is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary rock--------oil and natural gas are obtained. 

(A) from (B) is from (C) is which (D) from which 

14. --------- appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion. 

(A) The Moon (B) That the Moon (C) When the Moon (D) The Moon which 

15. According to the World Health Organization,_____ there to be an outbreak of any of the six most dangerous diseases, this could be cause for quarantine. 

(A) were (B) they were (C) there were (D) were they

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